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Agreement between

Matthew Power (the Certifier) and The Undersigned (the Client)

A. Introduction

The Certifier is accredited under the Building Professionals Act 2005, and is authorised to carry out inspections of swimming pools and to issue certificates of compliance under the Swimming Pools Act 1992.

B. Parties to the agreement

1. The Certifier

Name of Certifier: Matthew Power
Accreditation number:  BPB2649
Trading name: Ceba Consulting
Postal address: PO Box 194, Stockton NSW
Mobile:  0418 466 221


2. The Client

C. Certifier’s insurance details
Name of insurer: Dual & QBE
Policy no/identifier: P-ML/O/116815/16/H-2
D. Fees

The fees must be paid to the Certifier before the Certifier carries out the work described under Part E. Description of services.

E. Description of services

The Certifier will perform all work necessary to comply with relevant statutory requirements, including:

  • inspecting the swimming pool
  • assessing whether the swimming pool complies with the requirements for the issue of a certificate of compliance under s.22D Swimming Pools Act 1992
  • if the swimming pool complies, issuing a certificate of compliance to the Client
  • if the swimming pool does not comply, issuing a written notice under s.22E Swimming Pools Act 1992 indicating the items of non-compliance
  • forwarding a copy of the notice to the council if required to do so by s.22E Swimming Pools Act 1992
  • if necessary, re-inspecting the swimming pool
  • updating the property record on the NSW Swimming Pool Register, as required.

Note: if a notice is issued for non-compliance, the Client will have six weeks to comply with the terms of the notice. If not complied with, the notice will then be forwarded to the local council. However, if the pool is deemed a risk to public safety, the notice will be forwarded immediately.

F. Date of agreement

This agreement is made on the day of submitting this form.

Agreement Acceptance and Authorisation

By requesting this Pool Inspection I confirm that I have read, understood and accept the Terms and Conditions in the Pool Inspection Agreement as stated above.

If in agreement to the Pool Inspection Agreement, fill in any empty fields above and click 'Yes' in the 'I accept' section below and click 'Send' to submit the form.

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