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Rental or home health checks (100% tax deductible)

Rental home health checks - building inspection NewcastleYour home or rental portfolios are most likely your biggest financial investment.
Not unlike your car or yourself going to the doctor, we all require regular check ups to ensure everything is operating as it should be.
Your home or rental property is no exception in fact it is the most likely of any item to suffer neglect.


  • The health of your home is important, and maintaining a healthy home can save you big $$$
  • Home health checks (HHC) can you sure your property remains in sound serviceable condition.
  • Leaving damaged or defective items unattended for extended period can be costly exercise when it comes time to repair.
  • The purpose of a home health check is to conduct annual inspections on a property to ascertain the need for ongoing maintenance recommended. A home maintenance program (HMP)

How it works

  • We recommend an initial full building and timber pest inspection be carried out, to ascertain the overall condition of the property, this is a great document to maintain relevant records for future reference is the performance of the property.
  • From the initial building and timber pest inspection we establish what is required to bring the home back to life, with a home maintenance program report (HMP), this will specify defective items with recommendations on what is required to repair and categorised high, median to low priority.
  • Pending the outcome of the home maintenance program report, we would recommend future inspection intervals be it annually or otherwise to ensure the health of your home is maintained appropriately.
  • If you prefer a critical inspection, we recommend our external and wet area health check inspection. Value for money targeting the more critical areas were damaged is often found
Ceba offer a complete package to ensure the health of your property is at its best.

Initial full building and timber pest inspection (P&B) and home maintenance program (HMP) report
Cost: $880 incl GST (tax deductible)

Further annual inspections based on initial reports
Cost: $440 incl GST (tax deductible)

External building and wet area (critical health check) inspections
Cost: $440 incl GST (tax deductible)

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